Keith Harancher: Owner/Engineer

At the forefront of today's modern recording, Keith Harancher, founder and owner of KMH Recording Studio, recognizes the ever demanding role that today's engineers play in creative music production. With one foot in old-school equipment, simplicity, and style and the other on the bleeding edge of digital technology, Keith has established himself as an expert. His passion for music and recording technology, 20+ years of advanced electronics training, and leadership experience are the key ingredients in the great success of the studio, and the force that continues to propel the studio to new heights. His attention to detail and creative input is highly evident through his extensive body of work that spans over 17 years and wide range of musical styles.


The Studio began in 1987 as a personal project studio in Maine, moving to Sicily in 1990, Maryland in 1994, Sardinia in 1997, and officially established in 1999, here in Lusby Maryland's southern peninsula along the banks of the Chesapeake Bay & Patuxent River. Keith's dedication to quality and customer service, resulted in the studio becoming a favorite in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Today the studio is equipped with a diverse blend of state-of-the art recording and mastering equipment, as well as a nice selection of instruments, including some vintage guitars and amps. The studio specializes in providing a comfortable atmosphere, uncompromising quality, all at a price that makes the artist more at ease so they can really perform at their best. Our unique collection of outboard gear and sophisticated Digital Audio Workstation attracts the regions most renowned recording artists as well as many prominent newcomers.

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